59 Christmases

59 years

I can still hear Rochester 4327 car National Ambulance & Oxygen Service.

The goof in the booth only went that formal when a tractor trailer load of turds was hitting the pavement.

I lit the engine waited 5 seconds for the tubes in the radio punched the button Rochester.

Rochester 4327 roll over to Chili & West side of the Canal and meet the Deputy.

32 Canal & Chili, meet the Deputy.

Four minute ride and I'm looking at a convention of Sheriff cars. A couple conversations and I know the house trailer that burned was a mass casualty 4 bodies and the only family member still on her feet is a waitress 300 feet from where I'm sitting. The Copper Kettle has an all day buffet. We're waiting for Sheriff Albert W Skinner who makes such notifies himself.

5 more minutes and Albert is in the parking lot looking for everybody. The hostess figures out real quick there's a problem. It takes a few minutes to find the waitress in a dining room containing 150 people. The manager of the place figures it best to have the section boss tell the waitress she's needed in the office and instructs the Hostess to take all of us back to the office via back corridors rather than thru the dining room.

I know without asking I'll be hauling 1 waitress regardless what else happens so I ask if there's an entrance near the office. I got a car to move. I know it's going downhill and it will go fast. Albert isn't thinking, just standing conversing with 2 of his white shirts. The friggin room is 12 feet square with a desk and a couch and 9 people in it including a waitress who is now very nervous. Nobody got a chair behind the waitress, I was on the wrong side of the desk standing on the dirty gray carpet seeing the maroon walls. Albert grasped her hand and told her she was a widow with 3 dead kids. I think her knees collapsed at widow. She just spiraled in. Kenny said she was breathing well and had good pulse. I grabbed the phone and Called St Marys. Revive or leave her in Gods arms for the ride. We loaded the passed out patient, strapped securely and rolled to St Marys. An hour later she was revived and in a hospital room talking to Detectives.

59 years later with my eyes closed I can still see that woman going down.

John ED Renstrom

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Holidays were never a good time. Some interesting calls some just bad. Working as straight volunteers unpaid I don't remember not getting called out. Glad those days are over let the younger guys take over