Just for grins I went to the VCCA site to get acquainted. I noticed a couple of things.

Our joint meet is not on their calendar yet, although there are meets that are later in the calendar year listed.
They have different types of meets that are "specialized". for example one of their meets is a 4 cylinder tour, another is a regional meet.
I would be curious: Is this meet they are holding a regional, national event, or some other. their big 5 year event in 2022 in Bowling Green KY.
And I saw this:
Unless otherwise noted EVENTS ARE VCCA MEMBERS ONLY.

As long as the communication channels are open, and their members are aware of the joint aspect this should be interesting. They have 3 regions in just the state of Pennsylvania, like 15 regions in NJ, NY, PA. Taking over the hotel would seem to be an understatement.

It is in the March issue of the Generator & Distributor, the VCCA monthly magazine. The April issue of G & D will have all the updated information about our tours, etc. The registration and meet information will be included in the April issue of The Professional Car, and will also be posted as soon as we have the final draft on these forums, and the PCS website. Once their members have all the information I am inclined to believe that the rooms will become booked quickly. Jeff Byer pointed out they have a large membership that attends these regional meets. Getting your reservations in early is the best advice I can give you.

2023 PCS 46th International Meet Agenda and Registration available below in PDF form for printing.


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  • 2023 Buffett Dinner Menu.pdf
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I just received the latest list of reservations that have been made, and I noticed that a few people didn't include Saturday evenings in their reservations. If you are planning on going to the dinner and are going to be leaving Sunday, then you must include August 13th in your room reservation. I will attempt to notify those that have indicated that they will be checking out on Saturday morning and advise them, however, it will be up to them to correct their own room reservations.
Word on the street is music will be provided again by the world famous popular organist who drives a Studebaker.
"If you like Lawrence Welk, You will love what he plays.
Jeff Beyer at the Roland AT-800 Electronic Orchestra.
Jeff at Technics SX-FA1 best.JPG
There are only 2 weeks left to get the meet registration form and payment mailed. Thanks, Sandy & Paul, Meet hosts.