1970 Pontiac Consort Lowboy Ambulance for sale

I am forced to sell my 1970 Pontiac Consort low top ambulance due to financial hardship caused by medical bills. It breaks my heart to let my baby go, but I have no choice. The car is all white, runs very well, has a 400 engine, and had new whitewall tires put on two years ago with only a few hundred miles on them. The bar has a red and white four sealed beacon, two red bullet lights, and red alternating headlights , all that work. It also has two Unity red/white spotlights that do not work but are in good shape. The car has a high band antenna which is connected to a working but non period two way radio which is included. There is also a low band whip antenna on the vehicle. Heater works great, air conditioner does not. Working roof mounted mechanical siren. Vehicle also includes model 30 cot with a new red blanket, Old Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit with stock, a small kit with cool, very old medical items , some other various supplies, fire extinguisher, old wooden short backboard,portable suction unit, airways,bandages, etc. I don't know a lot about the history of this car, except that two collectors had it before I did, and I love the car. It was featured on the front page of the Kenosha(WI) News on Labor Day weekend of 2016 at the huge annual Kenosha Labor Car Show.Bruce Biancalana has helped me a lot with the car.I am located in Kenosha, WI, halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee. I would like to get what I have in the car, but will go a little below that as I would like to sell it soon. I am asking $13,500.00. Please contact me if you are interested . My cell is 847-366-7989. Thanks very much for looking at this!
Bill Beetschen

Bill send me the pictures to add to the post. There are additional pictures on page 2. Sorry about the pictures being upside down & sideways. I was unable to correct the orientation with my software on this computer.


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John ED Renstrom

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I'm glad that I'm not the only one here that can't do that stuff. Sounds like a nice car.
Pontiac Consort For Sale Update

Pictures will be up tomorrow(Monday). I have received a few calls with questions , so I'll include the answers here:

This is a Superior(obviously)

Ambulance has been garage kept year round since I have owned it which is three years.It gets started at least once a month during the winter months, and ran great a few weeks ago.

On the initial description, the word "bar" just before the lights description should be "car". It does not have a light bar, it has a beacon. Also, the tunnel lights are the two sided type with the smaller flashing domes to the rear.

The ambulance is currently lettered for "Mercy Ambulance Las Vegas"
which is how it was when I received it.

The Johnson and Johnson first aid kit included is the large metal Industrial First Aid kit with period stock. This was my father in law's kit, and is approximately 47 years old.

The rear has two attendants seats facing each other. The forward facing seat folds down to allow a second patient lying on the floor.

There is a floor storage cabinet at the foot of the cot, and another on the passenger side at the rear of the car, behind the attendants seat,

That's about it for now. As I said, we'll have pictures up tomorrow, and maybe even a video. Thanks folks!!! Bill
1970 Pontiac Consort Ambulance for Sale

Pictures will be up on PCS facebook shortly.

Also, one more thing that I remembered. The mechanical siren on the roof, which works, is actually a combination siren and flashing red light, which also works great.
yes it is

Dave,yes, that is my car at the Wisconsin EMS Association Conference in 2010,before I owned it. Most of the markings have been removed except "Mercy Ambulance, Las Vegas" and "Radio Dispatched".

Kurt Arends

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2 jump seats? Didn't most Consorts have just 1?

Very unusual to see a Consort that was built as a full-blown ambulance.

Steve Loftin

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Very unusual to see a Consort that was built as a full-blown ambulance.

There were many Consort ambulances built over the years (1961-73). A quick glance in the Superior book reveals 69 built in 1963, 43 built in 1965, and 50 in 1969 (as examples).
Still for sale with price reduction

Tried to post pictures here, but obviously doing something wrong.There are pics on PCS Facebook. Call for details and reduced price: 847-366-7989. Thanks folks!

Paul Steinberg

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More Pictures from Bill

For some unknown reason, pictures taken with a cell phone many times will appear upside down. If you know this to be a problem with your cell phone pictures, turn the cell phone upside down, so the pictures will be right side up. I have also learned that the forums software might not allow pictures to be posted directly from your phone. In these cases, it is best to download them to your computer, and then upload them to the forums.


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John ED Renstrom

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or you could send it to one of us and we'll get them up for you. best we could do with a copy of a copy but a sharp looking car.


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