1968 Superior Pontiac Ambulance You Tube Channel

Hi friends

If you haven't seen it the You Tube channel Irish Outlaw Garage is trying to get a 1968 Superior Pontiac Ambulance back on the road.

It is a blue car and he has a lot of work ahead of himself.

You guys should go check him out.

This is his video where he is cleaning and trying to repair some things.

I was drawn to this because back in the '80's I had a 1967 Superior high top Pontiac Ambulance and I miss my car.

Kurt Arends

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These folks are clueless! Who in the #ell would use a pressure washer to clean out a car?? Talk about making a bad situation worse!

John ED Renstrom

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Is this where I raise my hand. I will not tell you the number I have washed out. That's what you buy a wet or dry vacuum for. Clean-up doesn't stop when you shut the water off. It has just begun. But o will say I have only done one with an interior in place. That was the 71 superior. It had looked like dyed burlap door pads they were nasty. Sprayed them down with soap one hot day and hit them with the washer on low pressure. Figured there would be nothing left of them and I would have to replace them anyway. So not being out anything if they got torn up. Man dit they look sharp when I got done. Nothing like a good bath to make a car look good.
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