1967 Miller Meteor Embassy Flower Car

Bill Marcy

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1967 Cadillac Miller Meteor Embassy Flower car. 1 of 6 made by Miller Meteor. This Fleetwood was born straight from the factory with designated code 69890 commercial chassis and is only 1 of 2 remaining. The only one made in Venetian-Blue and is believed to be #3. At some point it was repainted black and last owned by Wanton Horne Chapel of Peace in Cleveland, Ohio till 2003. Own a piece of Funeral Coach history. This car is truly a scarce and unique vehicle. The flagship of any funeral fleet is the flower car that would lead the funeral procession. Though the traditional flower car is still made today, numbers are less than 20 units for the whole US. These are typically seen with Hollywood and Mob funerals. All of the flowers would be placed and secured on the stainless steel deck and lead in front of the hearse. This version has the enclosed rear section known as the Eastern version. A casket could also be placed in the back that is wall to wall and floor to ceiling stainless steel also. Other things could be placed in the rear such as chairs and other cemetery items.

I have owned this car over 7 years and have kept it in a garage the entire time. If you want something that no one will have or ever see..... this is it. This beauty needs FULL and COMPLETE restoration of the body, floors, engine and frame. This is a rare project. There is rust holes in the floors, doors, frame and body as it sat outside in wet conditions for many years before I bought it. It does run and move on its own but is not street legal. It has its original 429 V8 with automatic transmission. I have 2 extra convertible doors and a 1969 solid condition hearse frame that will go with it for an easy frame swap and help aid in restoration. The glass is all there. The windshield does have a crack in it. I replaced the front and rear bumpers and found the rest of the pieces of the flower deck that were missing.

Restored this vehicle will be worth $100,000-$175,000 easily. Ask all questions before bidding, this is a vintage used car. More pictures are available to serious buyers. No picture collectors. Flower Car is located in 43420, Fremont, Ohio and can be seen by appointment. Buyer is responsible for shipping and all arrangements. I will assist as much as possible. Car is 21 1/2 feet long and appr. 6500 lbs for your shipping quote. Frame is about same length and around 1500 lbs. Call your shipper, I will not call to get you quotes.junk1.jpgjunk2.jpgjunk3.jpgjunk5.jpgjunk4.jpgjunk7.jpgjunk 6.jpg

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Where would that car bring $ 100K to $ 175K?

In 2099, but only if it were repowered with a solar reactor, because gasoline will no longer exist, nor will the electric grid. The electric grid went into melt down in 2035 after all electric cars were mandated to be the only thing on the road, and all gas stations were removed. Pedal power to the people.