1958 Cadillac Superior Beau Monde Survivor in Cuba

Tom Gibson

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Photos of this remarkable '58 Beau Monde survivor just surfaced, located in a small town near Matanzas, Cuba, about 2 hours east of Havana. A couple of my Cuban car friends have heard of the Cadillac for years but never seen it until now. I don't know what type of coach it is but have not seen such a clean, original vehicle of any type there still wearing its factory paint, wheel covers - even the steering wheel looks perfect. It's been in service from the beginning, now wearing government license plates, and I hope to find this Coche Funebre on a future trip to see the interior's condition and get more photos.

58 Superior Beau Monde 3 Matanzas Cuba.jpg
58 Superior Beau Monde 2 Matanzas Cuba.jpg
58 Superior Beau Monde 1.jpg
58 Superior Beau Monde 5C Matanzas Cuba.jpg

Tom Gibson

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Thanks Bill. Not a silly question, but how does one determine the difference between a combination and funeral coach?
Is there a data plate or model number somewhere on the car? Is Model # 8680S a combination coach?
If I ever see this beauty, I'd like to know where to look for its model number.

Paul Steinberg

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Data plates are generally riveted or screwed to the left fender well. If you are photographing a car, getting a picture of the body builder data plate, and the chassis manufacturers data plate, will usually give you a lot more information about the car and its build.

Abe Bush

Combination coaches usually had a flippable floor, flat for ambulance use and with rollers for hearse use. Combos also usually had a demountable beacon on the roof, which you may see switches for up front, and a screw hole in the roof, plus they often times had a demountable siren under the hood, which there also may or may not be evidence of.

Martyn Donaldson

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Wonder if that quarter-panel brightwork is custom from the coach builder or taken off a '57? It's not from a '58.
That quarter panel trim is original, unique to Superior and was an extra-cost option. For '57-8, it was mostly seen on their Coupe de Fleur flower cars, but available on other models. Superior offered various renditions of this brightwork from '57 up through the 1960s.