1952 Crown Imperial Limousine

Keith Snyder

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Now....here's something you don't see everyday.This is a Series C-53 1952 Crown Imperial formal limousine. With a wheelbase of 145.5-inches, the 1951 and 1952 models were the same and there were only 338 of these built in the two years. The 1952 version seen here cost $7,044 when new and tipped the scales at 5,450 pounds. They were powered by a Chrysler's 18--horsepower Hemi V-8. There can't be too many of these around today. This is a worthy restoration candidate if I ever saw one. Certainly different from the more common fish-tailed Cadillac of the era.


John ED Renstrom

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looks like one more of the make a wish donations or Miracle network etc.

the car gets donated to them they make a quick sale on it then off it goes to e-bay with a high tag on it.