1937 Packard

Kurt Arends

PCS Elected Director 2021-2024
At least his asking price is a reasonable starting point. Most of what I have seen surface on eBay and Craig's List of late has been ridiculous, given the vehicle's condition.

Darren Bedford

PCS Member
The car is less than an hour from me if anyone is serious.

I can't see it selling but I can at least take some good photos and give a condition report on it.


Keith Snyder

PCS Member
Darren, iif you've got time, t may well be worth checking out if even to find out the serial numbers, body numbers and to get a good clear, close-up photo of the nameplate. This way, we would at least know who built it and an exact year. If, as I suspect, it's a Brantford-Henney, it would be pretty scarce and a rare piece of Canadian professional vehicle history. If nothing else, some pictures of these components (serial plates and builder's nameplate) would help to positively identify the unit.