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Old 12-04-2016, 08:29 PM
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Default Ferno "One-Man" Cots

I've noted some confusion over Ferno-Washington's "One-Man" ambulance and mortuary cot offerings. These cots were introduced in the late-1950s and during this time period - Ferno, Washington Mortuary, and later Ferno-Washington believed they were the way forward. There have been changes made over the years to some models without changing the number, and other models were discontinued and the numbers reused. I obtained the 1963 Ferno-Washington "Full Line" catalog recently, and felt I could help clarify this topic on the most common models.

Ferno-Washington Model 22 is the Mortuary Cot. It differs from the Model 26 Ambulance Cot by omission of the elevating head, side rails, and foot pad/pull handle. Both of these cots were 75" in length, available in 22" width as standard and 20" width as an option.

The Model 27 Low-Headroom Ambulance Cot was designed for combination cars and station wagon conversions in particular. It is very similar to the Model 26, but adds articulation of the patient surface, lowering the lower half (foot end) when the head end is raised such that the overall height of the patient is decreased. Due to this, the legs of the cot attach to the outer frame such that they're out of the way when the central portion is lowered. The Model 27 also came standard with a telescoping loading handle at the food end to more easily reach over the fold-down tailgate common to station wagon ambulances. This feature was also available on Model 22 and 26 as an option. Interestingly, due to the extra space needed for the articulations - its width is 24", which is wider than the "standard headroom" models.

I have posted pictures of all three catalog pages for your enjoyment. I have also included an ad that came up on eBay.

Please know there is no mention of Model 23, 24, and 25 as of 1963. Today, Ferno-Washington sells the Model 23 and 24 as Mortuary Cots, the Model 23 is most similar to the original Model 22 we're familiar with. (

Sometime in the 1960's/1970's, the "One-Man" Ambulance Cot was changed. The "curved" head portion of the tubular aluminum frame was changed to become flat and large wheels were changed to be smaller, with articulation to allow for the rear of the cot frame to collapse inward. The rest of the cot remained the same. Today, Ferno-Washington sells this cot as the Model 26. ( A Model 25 exists that is identical, but omits the "drop frame" feature. ( I am not sure if Model 25 is a re-appropriation of a previously discontinued number.

The Model 28 "Ferno-FLEXX" Chair Cot was introduced in the late 1970's. At this point, Ferno-Washington seems to have dropped the "One-Man" moniker (Less acceptable to run rescue and mortuary calls solo I guess!) and went with "Roll In" as the new catchphrase to describe these. The Model 29 followed in the early 1980's.

The Model 27 was discontinued at some point in the 1970's or 1980's, likely corresponding to the end of station wagon ambulances and combination cars. However, please note that Ferno-Washington produces a multi-level "One-Man" style mortuary cot that is known now as the Model 27. (

While folks may have used the standard Ferno-Washington Model 1/2/3 cot bars, "One-Man" cots were intended to be mounted with the Model 7 "Quick-Lock" fastener, or just held in place with post cups alone. Later, the Model 5 and then Model 173 fasteners came out. Both are still sold today ( and ( The current Model 5 differs from the late 1970's Model 5 intended for use with ambulance cots in that while the head-end "hook" is very similar, the current Model 173's clamp assembly was present at the foot end.

Hope this is of some clarification and utility!
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Old 12-04-2016, 09:53 PM
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vary interesting how we all get different information on these. when I inquired about the date for the 29 I was given a mid 70 date. but then the 29 was never considered a one man cot as your partner was to use the handle to lift the legs.
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