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Thread hijacking is the process of replying to an existing thread with a different topic. This is not tolerated but, sometimes is unavoidable, but discouraged. It is always better to start a new thread if you have a topic that is clearly unrelated to the topic of the thread. On the other hand, it is always better to respond to the existing thread with additional information or knowledge, or questions about the topic at hand.
Posts that hijack a serious thread with off-topic discussion are strongly discouraged and may be deleted or edited by forum staff.


Posts which intend to disturb the peace and create needless fights and arguments. Disruption can include harassment, using multiple user accounts, multiple posting of the same post and posting completely off topic messages. Intentional disruption of the forum will be dealt with severely.


Defined as posting comments or links, whose purpose is to drive traffic to another professional car website without specific permission of the Website Administration Committee of the Friends of the Professional Car Society is prohibited.


Any member who requires excessive moderation and/or supervision can be banned at the sole discretion of the management.
Constantly or repeatedly ignoring the Rules for the Classified sections can result in removal of your access to those sections.


Any messages you post in these public discussion forums may remain available to the public for as long as this discussion board is on line. Please post carefully, with due consideration to the content of your post. The forum is not obligated to delete any post once made. We reserve the right to leave, move, close, or delete any thread without notification. We reserve the right to leave, restore, delete, or move any post as we deem appropriate without notification. We may also edit a post for the purpose of deleting objectionable content without notification.

No portion of this website, including text, images or code, may be copied, reproduced, published or distributed in any medium wtihout the expressed written permiss of the Friends of the Professional Car Society,


Please do not use these forums for personal disputes, heated debates, flame wars etc. You are expected to treat each other with respect in the forums and take any personal disputes to a private mode of discussion off the forums. If you should find that your discussion is becoming too heated or someone is becoming far too passionate about their argument, please take the discussion to private message or email.


Personal discussions are threads that, while posted in the public forum, are intended for a discussion between only a few members. These kinds of topics are frowned upon and will be locked or removed as soon as they are discovered. Public posts should be open and inviting to all members. Personal discussions among a select group of users should take place in private message.


Sometimes people can write something that you may find offensive. Before launching into a public condemnation though, please consider that the person may not have intended to cause offense. It is very easy to misinterpret a post on forums since we cannot see expressions and hear the tone it is spoken in. This is especially true when dealing with multinational citizens. There is absolutely no need to resort to insults. Respect others' views even if you disagree with them. Don’t automatically assign the worst possible intent to a post you do not quite understand. If you believe that it is offensive, please use the notify moderator icon, and a moderator will make the determination.


Despite our best efforts, you will very occasionally see spam on the forums. Simply click the Red Triangle at the top of any post to report it. DO NOT RESPOND TO SPAM POSTS!
Repetitive posts by one user or posting a new thread when one is already easily accessible will be considered spam. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION FIRST, especially when starting a new thread about an eBay auction, Craigslisting, or a For Sale From Other Websites Forums.


Flaming is saying something negative in an attempt to get a negative response. This is completely unacceptable. It will not be tolerated, and will result in suspension or termination of website membership. Never resort to personal insults, never extend a debate beyond the topic on hand needlessly, and avoid patronizing language.


They have the final say on all forum matters. They're charged with making this community as enjoyable for as many people as they possibly can by enforcing our rules and standards. They can not always be right, nor can they please everyone with the decisions made, but they're doing their "jobs" and doing their best to ensure a good and peaceful community here. We're not here to make life difficult for anyone. Any decision taken by the administrators and moderators is final and must be respected. Failure to do so will not be tolerated, and will result in suspension or termination of website membership. Do not post staff complaints on the open forum. If you receive a Warning or Infraction, read the Rules before asking why. If your thread or post is deleted, consult the rules before contacting the staff. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, or would like further explanation, please post your question or concerns in the HELP FORUM. A member of the staff will usually answer it within 24 hours.

Website Administration Committee reserves the right to move directly to permanent banning with no warning if they feel that the member is intent on disrupting the forums or simply will not comply with the rules, regulations, and / or standards of the forum.


Donations to the Friends of the Professional Car Society are non-refundable.
Donations to the forum are NOT tax deductible.
Donations to the forum will not exempt a member from the required adherence to the rules, moderation, suspension or termination of website membership.


You may be issued a warning or an infraction points for violating the rules. Infractions carry different point values for different offenses. Points expire after a given time period which vary. Repetitive offenders will be considered for permanent banishment.

Website Administration Committee reserves the right to move directly to permanent banning with no warning or discussion if they feel that the member is intent on disrupting the forums or simply will not comply with the rules and standards of the forums.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Friends of the Professional Car Society (, its Owners/Administrators, its Moderators and staff for any injury resulting from exposure to the contents of this forum, and from using any data, material, advise, or service contained herein.

Your participation on this forum in any way constitutes your total and complete agreement to be bound by these Terms of Service, Conditions, Rules and Disclaimers posted in the various categories of this forum.

It is further agreed, and understood, that being a dues paying member of the Professional Car Society, Inc. gives you no additional privileges on these forums.

These Terms of Service, and the Rules and Disclaimers posted on this forum may be amended or modified at any time at the discretion of the Website Administration Committee, without prior notice.

Paul Steinberg, Senior Website Administrator
Dan Herrick, Website Administrator / Head Moderator
Robert Shepard, Website Administrator
Jerry Jacobson, Moderator

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