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I'm pretty sure this is the answer. There are, more or less, two kinds of limos.

One is the "funeral home" limo, which typically has 6 doors, and three bench seats facing forward. It usually doesn't have a divider. This is meant to be distinguished transportation for a family attending a funeral, but not too gaudy.

The other kind is a "party" or "VIP" limo. This has only 4 doors, with one bench seat facing forward and another facing rearward. This has a divider and usually has a small bar, TV & stereo, and often fancy lighting in the back for the "party" feel.

OK so far? Well, just like we have ambulances and hearses, and then combinations, there is the 24-hour car - the "combo" of the limos.

The 24-hour car can be used as a family car during the day, and a VIP or party car at night (hence the "24-hour" name). When used as a family car, the bench seats face forward, the divider is hidden, and no bar is visible. The center doors open (but the handles are usually hidden). Then, you can flip the center seat, raise the divider, move a cover off the bar, flip open the TV, and turn on the hidden lights, and now you're ready to take the kids to prom, the bride and entourage to the wedding, or the VIP's to the airport - and they don't feel like they're in the funeral home car.

Hope that makes sense. Folks currently working in the limo biz may fill it in better, it's been 10 years since I drove for a limo company.