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Michael Mykulak 02-14-2017 01:22 PM

Last call on the W/S for the M-M and CB coach's. 200 feet left with a loose commitment for 100 feet. $4.50 per foot, you pay shipping and handling. I will however trade towards 10 of the N.O.S. combination Superior rollers that CW coach.s sold to someone here in Minnesota that bought the entire stock of 50 pieces that I was told were of N.O.S. condition. Please PM me if anyone knows who bought the 50 rollers if it is possible to negotiate 10 of them privately. Thanks!

Darren Bedford 02-14-2017 05:31 PM


What year rollers are you looking for ?

I have a set out of a 1976 Superior Hearse if you need a set.

Let me know,

Kurt Arends 02-14-2017 05:53 PM

I may have a source for combination rollers, but it will be a couple of weeks before I can check into it. I am assuming that you want combination rollers, as you stated, and not hearse rollers.

Darren Bedford 02-14-2017 07:20 PM

Not ever owning a ambulance... yet, what are the difference between combination and hearse rollers ? I know about the flip over panels.


Michael Mykulak 02-14-2017 07:40 PM

The 1969 Superior Sovereign of ours was originally outfitted with these rollers. They are designed with a bar style thumb latch which when you slide the spring loaded bar over unlatches a smooth chrome finished plate to allow it to turn over to the opposite side that has rollers affixed to the back side of the plate. Actually pretty nice feature that allows the wheels of a cot to roll over the plate side easier than the roller side. Much better idea than flipping the entire heavy panel that you are describing.

Michael Mykulak 02-14-2017 07:58 PM

Combination rollers
Kurt, the rollers first came to my knowledge when a certain member went to CW and inventoried, photographed then posted pictures of the discoveries he found. Carl had brand new combo rollers still in the bags and in a matter of days they were all gone. I acted very quickly on getting 10 only to find out someone bought everyone of them. Mike Stevens did shop the used ones for me after the fact, but only sourced a very few good ones. I bought a 1965 Superior also just to get those rollers but was greatly disappointed to find most all of them were rusted, frozen up, rubber from the rollers dried up and broken off, etc.So after attempting restoring what I currently have for rollers, what I have still looks so sub-standard featured against the $450.00 black Mercedes Benz short pile wool carpetting I bought to restore the compartment floor. So CW knows who they were sold to but swore not to disclose who bought them. The extreme pitting and deep scratches I tried polishing out on a buffer just got me some pitted chrome and brass colored rollers with bright scratches as a result.

David Henry 02-14-2017 08:00 PM


When I purchased Bill Leverett Lifeliner there was a supply of weather stripping in a box. Do you have an idea how much it takes to do all 5 Doors? I am not sure how much is in the box, but I don't want to miss out if I run out.


Michael Mykulak 02-14-2017 08:23 PM

David, absolutely do not let go of any of the weather stripping. Now that I had started running out, I have had the greatest demand for it. Ed Renstrom helped me develop the product and has also led in the most installations of the product. So as Ed specifies approximately 80 feet to do all 5 doors with an extra 10 feet as a built in whoops factor if you have to pull up the rubber and it gets tore up.

Paul Steinberg 02-14-2017 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by Michael Mykulak (Post 841917374)
........... Now that I had started running out, I have had the greatest demand for it..............

If this is the case, then why don't you just do another run of rubber?:confused:

John ED Renstrom 02-14-2017 09:37 PM

It will cost a lot more then the price if the rubber to rechrome all the rollers. As you have two pieces to each one. What anyone would want with 50 I don't know. As for how much you need I always bought 100 feet that way you were sure you had enough.

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