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Mike McDonald 10-12-2014 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by Joe Melanson (Post 841891526)
I saw what Dan did.

my notes: this was as of 6:30 AM Sunday Morning. This time there are a ton more pics - 18 to be exact.

What is this guys trip? Did he sell it to you or not? Or did he finally get some interest and now have "seller's remorse". Sounds like he took all the info that you might have stated when talking w/ him and used it to revamp the listing as well as back out of the deal. I have a lot of words for guys like him and probably would not be as nice as you might be.
It did not sell at that same (close to) price in Jan 2013.
I have a hunch his Kenya bride will have to wait quite a while longer.
He may have been able to use the info he got from you that still will not pique the interest of most folks.
If he does, or did, back out I'd at least report him - Sold $2,000 means Sold $2000. Did you give him any $.
I'm getting more ticked off as I type so I better stop.
Let me know how it goes would you please. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Joe: I am not sure "what his trip was" either other than he was just chocked "FULL of TALES". I got there at 1230 Saturday and a "Pontiac Guy" (as he put it) had been there about an hour earlier but wanted to "immediately flip it to an overseas buyer", but needed to get the money from him 1st. He said another "Pontiac Person" had talked to him earlier in the week who thought it was a "station wagon", wanting to part it out, buying certain pieces but not the whole car. He also claimed to be "swamped" with e-mails and calls about it for the past two weeks, but "being a good Christian man" he was going to (reluctantly) honor what he had told me the day before. I wasn't sure what to believe, but in the end I verified what I needed to (document-wise) to feel comfortable with the car and bought it... DEAL DONE!

The 44,429 mileage showing on the odometer in his pictures appears to be correct comparing it with the multiple service station lube stickers logged in on the door jamb from decades ago.

The Siren he said that he "removed from the car for safe keeping in his garage" turned out to be a 70's era Federal CP-XX (couldn't fully read the plate) electronic driver with a flat base that was probably never was on this rig, or matched the holes on the sloping roof in between the Oval Superior Tunnels.

At any rate, I am very happy with "the find" you steered me too and the overall deal. We have tackled ones much worse and they all turned out to be award winners we were proud of in the end. THANKS AGAIN! MM

Joe Melanson 10-12-2014 09:52 PM

'56 Pontiac
Excellent Mike, I'm confident that the rig (ambulance not station wagon) will be in your driveway soon (and not in parts). Hope to meet up w/ you soon. Joe
P.S. - Still listed

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