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Paul Steinberg 05-18-2019 10:16 PM

C/B Curtain Rods
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The curtain rods were removed from my 1962 C/B, when it was sold to the second owner, by the man that took over the funeral home. I was told that he thought that it would be easier to sell that way. When I first purchased the car from Lloyd Ray's estate, I contacted the funeral home, and asked it they still had them, but he had thrown them away. I have since acquired some from another C/B, but it wasn't a full set. I am in need of the following pieces, preferable in chrome plated steel, and my second choice would be aluminum, until I can find all the correct parts. If the steel rods are rusted, that will be ok, since I can have them re-chromed as necessary.

All dimensions are overall length, including the cuts for the slotted posts.

2 pieces 53" long (quarter glass lower)
1 piece 36" long (rear door upper)
1 piece 39 1/2" long (rear door lower
1 piece 30 1/2" long (side door lower)

The pictures below are of a 1962 Pontiac hearse that was photographed for me by Rocky Fluegge in August 2010. This Pontiac was completed 1 day before my Chevrolet, so you might say that they are cousins. I was amazed to see how different the same operation on this car was done then on my car. Rocky's attention to detail has helped me immensely. These pictures will give you an idea of the type of curtain rod that I an in need of. If you have some that are longer then the above dimensions, I can cut them to fit.

John ED Renstrom 05-19-2019 10:57 AM

Standard CB rods aluminium bars and the slotted posts. They have been on every cb i have had.i think i might have some of the posts. Maybe the bars out of the 72 that Dana parted out. Take awhile to locate them. I'm getting more like Steinberg every day. But you can make smaller ones out of longer ones with a rattail file.

Paul Steinberg 05-19-2019 11:20 AM

In the days before Wayne Corporation owned C/B, the curtain rods were made of 5/8" wide 1/8" thick chrome plated steel, and when Wayne Corporation took over, they switched over to the aluminum rods for cost savings. The real savings was in the chrome plating being eliminated.
My 1963 Pinner Chrysler also had the chrome plated steel curtain rods, but I don't remember how they were attached at the ends. Those were showing signs of rusting, so I had them all re-chromed.

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